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ALL ROUNDS-9 V-7 L-1 T=17S-13 V-6 L-4 J-1 T=24N/CS-8 V-3 J-1 T=12S-10 V-5 L-1 T=16S-10 V-5 L-2 J-1 C-2 T=20S-15 V-1 L-1 J-1 C-2 T=20S-13 V-4 L-1 J-1 C-2 T=21
SPORTINGS-32 V-17 L-6 J-1 T=56S-19 V-10 L-2 J-2 T=33N/C
S-34 V-10 L-2 J-1 C-2 T=49S-28 V-10 L-5 C-3 T=46S-19 V-9 L-1 J-1 C-1 T=31S-25 V-5 L-1 J-1 C-2 T=34S-24 V-7 L-3 J-3 C-2 T=38
SPORTRAPS-17 V-4 L-1 T=22N/CN/CS-4 V-2 L-2 T=8S-3 V-2 C-1 T=6S-9 V-2 L-1 J-2 C-1 T=15S-10 V-1 L-1 J-1 C-2 T=15
FITASCS-3 V-7 L-1 T=11N/CN/CS-3 V-2 L-1 T=6S-6 V-5 L-3 T=14
SKEETS-5 V-6 L-3 J-1 T=15S-5 V-4 L-4 T=13N/CS-8 V-3 L-1 C-1 T=13S-12 V-4 L-2 J-1 C-1 T=20S-11 V-3 L-1 J-1 C-2 T=18S-14 V-4 L-1 C-2 T=21S-12 V-5 L-2 J-1 C-2 T=22
SKEET DOUBLESS-1 V-4 L-3 J-1 T=9S-2 L-1 T=3N/CS-3 V-3 L-1 J-0 C-1 T=8S-6 V-5 L-2 C-1 T=14S-9 V-3 L-1 C-2 T=15S-8 V-2 L-1 C-1 T=12S-7 V-5 L-1 C-1 T=14
OLYMPIC SKEETS-1 V-1 L-1 T=3N/CN/CS-1 V-1 T=2S-2 V-1 J-1 T=4S-1 V-1 L-1 T=3S-1 V-1 J-1 T=3
DOWN THE LINES-7 V-3 L-1 T=11S-2 L-1 T=3N/CS-2 V-2 T=4S-2 V-3 L-1 T=6S-10 V-3 L-1 J-1 C-2 T=17S-6 V-4 C-1 T=11S-3 V-2 J-1 T=6
SINGLE BARRELS-8 V-2 T=10S-5 V-1 L-3 T=9N/CS-4 V-1 T=5S-6 V-4 L-1 J-2 T=13S-4 V-4 L-1 J-2 T=11S-2 V-1 C-1 T=4S-2 V-1 J-1 T=4
ABTS-7 V-2 L-1 T=9S-6 V-1 T=7N/CS-3 V-1 T=4S-4 V-4 T=8S-6 L-1 T=7S-5 V-4 C-1 T=10S-3 V-1 L-1 T=5
DOUBLE RISES-6 V-4 T=10S-1 J-1 T=2N/CS-3 V-1 T=4S-4 V-3 L-1 T=8N/CV-1 T=1S-3 J-1 C-1 T=5
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