National Fixtures 2021

E/O ENGLISH SPORTING (ESP)Barbury 19-23rd May 2021
E/O AUTOMATIC BALL TRAP (ABT)Nuthampstead29-30th May 2021
E/O ENGLISH SKEET (ESK)Eriswell4-6th June 2021
E/O&B/O - ALL ROUND (A/R)Northampton5-6th June 2021
E/O DOWN THE LINE (DTL)Bywell11-13th June 2021
E/O SKEET DOUBLES (SKD)Eriswell 4th July 2021
E/O OLYMPIC SKEET (OSK)E Yorkshire 17-18th July 2021
E/O SPORTRAP (STR)High Lodge6-8th August 2021
B/O - ENGLISH SKEET (ESK)Doverage6-8th August 2021
E/O&B/O DOUBLE RISE (D/R)E Yorkshire28-29th August 2021
E/O&B/O -SINGLE BARREL (S/B)E Yorkshire28-29th August 2021
E/O F.I.T.A.S.C. (FSP)Barbury31-1 August 2021
B/O ENGLISH SPORTING (ESP)TBC1-5th September 2021
B/O AUTOMATIC BALL TRAP (ABT)Nuthampstead12th Sept 2021
B/O DOWN THE LINEIreland18th September 2021

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