JD Smith8692969190455
R Tyler8697977992451
M Russell (V)8496918396450
DJ Morgan76919190100448
L Cookson (V)849386908692447
A Banning (C)79659893330
N Faulkner909898286
L Gill969588279
C Whatton928291265
S Lobley809086256
M Sheppard8991256
I Russell (L)936592250
S Bowman (C)956290247
M Rolstone9991190
B Bulmer (V)346193188
J Williams9585180
SP Smith9287179
R Wilson8887175
N Grant8188169
S Vogel937580168
AV Hare7785162
L Smith (L)8478162
C Borman9169160
KG Smith7881159
S Hardwick8376159
J Woolacott (V)5987156
M Ferris (V)8371154
K Burnage7678154
C Lamb6883151
G Whatton (J)6781148
L Passmore7466140
C Sumner9797
J Lacey9393
O Bradshaw9090
A Goodes (V)8989
P Cooper8989
AN Brown8888
J Wade8888
P Moody8888
GM Thompson8888
K Vogel (LJ)8787
K Taylor8787
H Wootton (L)8686
H Piercy (C)8585
A Gibbons8585
S May8383
T Richards8383
B Meadows (V)8383
R Odell (V)8080
R Fitzhugh8080
J Stanley8080
GC Catlin (V)8080
N Richards7979
M Perkins7979
N Evans7878
R Palmer (L)7777
D Parsons7777
F Owen (V)7777
D Grant-Innes7676
L Corkram7575
J Baker7575
T Paragreen7474
G Smith7474
N Long7373
D Barrow7070
L Maud6969
J Trembecki6969
P Brown (V)6969
IM Cross (V)6868
D Varnish6666
M Piercy6464
R Gardiner (J)5757
F Mcvarish (V)4747

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