DJ Morgan82986779326
L Gill879577259
R Tyler829976257
M Russell957072237
M Ferris (V)738675234
O Main (J)729165228
A Banning (C)799053222
I Russell (L)964244182
M Rolstone9678174
JD Smith8488172
L Cookson (V)7787164
J Baker8473157
R Gardiner (J)8467151
R Palmer (L)8070150
S Vogel7175146
S Hardwick7670146
KG Smith6874142
D Grant-Innes7961140
L Smith (L)6278140
C Whatton7167138
AV Hare6870138
LA Waters6369132
K Vogel (LJ)7159130
J Woolacott (V)6661127
F Mcvarish (V)7036106
B Bulmer (V)9393
O Bradshaw9191
S Bowman (C)9090
N Faulkner9090
J Lacey8787
P Cooper8787
P Moody8383
A Gibbons8282
K Taylor8282
S Lobley8080
N Richards7979
MP Massey7878
M Sheppard7878
R Fitzhugh7878
C Sumner7777
N Grant7777
N Faram7777
R Odell (V)7777
E Nelson (L)7676
R Wilson7575
J Williams7474
C Borman7474
AN Brown7474
C Lamb7373
JA Goodman7373
M Kingston7373
A Goodes (V)7171
F Owen (V)7171
T Goodman (C)7070
IM Cross (V)6969
T Pewsey (V)6969
RJ Boffin6767
L Passmore6565
P Brown6363
G Whatton (C)6363
M Piercy6363
B Meadows (V)6262
N Mann (V)6060
G Smart5959
GM Thompson5858
D Barrow (V)5555
G Smith5555
C Hames (V)4848
H Piercy (C)4646

2 Responses to SUPREME CHAMPION 2018

  1. Kim Wan

    Hi there,
    How do I put my name down for the County Supreme Championship 2016 as I’d like to give it a try.
    Many Thanks, Kim

    • Pam CPSA

      You have to enter for as many of the county competitions as there are. See the fixtures page for the dates and the results page on the website for your position. Pam

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