Supreme Champion Board Updated

The board has been updated as below;

R Tyler849997978276459
DJ Morgan986788978279444
A Banning (C)85907294967953444
M Russell889570869672437
L Cookson (V)738771899577421
S Vogel795697927175414
K Vogel (LJ)767593917159406
R Gardiner (J)6484598667360
M Rolstone96889478356
JD Smith86848688344
O Main (J)91957265323
M Ferris (V)83867375317
F Owen (V)75699671311
I Russell (L)9642679644303
J Woolacott (V)79876661293
D Grant-Innes74797161285
N Faulkner869990275
L Gill958777259
S Lobley819380254
B Meadows (V)628891241
F Mcvarish (V)59707436239
C Whatton718867226
G Smith768855219
AV Hare688070218
GM Thompson817658215
L Passmore775665198
S Bowman (C)9094184
B Bulmer (V)9389182
R Wilson9075165
J Baker8473157
J Williams7974153
R Palmer (L)8070150
S Hardwick7670146
G Whatton (J)8263145
KG Smith6874142
L Smith (L)6278140
LA Waters6369132
O Bradshaw9191
J Lacey8787
P Cooper8787
P Moody8383
A Gibbons8282
K Taylor8282
N Richards7979
M Sheppard7878
MP Massey7878
R Fitzhugh7878
R Odell (V)7777
N Faram7777
C Sumner7777
N Grant7777
E Nelson (L)7676
C Borman7474
AN Brown7474
JA Goodman7373
C Lamb7373
M Kingston7373
A Goodes (V)7171
T Goodman (C)7070
T Pewsey (V)6969
IM Cross (V)6969
RJ Boffin6767
M Piercy6363
P Brown6363
N Mann (V)6060
G Smart5959
D Barrow (V)5555
C Hames (V)4848
H Piercy (C)4646

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