National Inter County DLT Results

This took place on 6th October 2013 at the North of England CTC in York.

89 shooters took part from 8 Senior and Veteran teams, 2 Lady teams and 1 Junior team.  The counties all came from the Midlands and north of England with the exception of Essex.

There was no Northants county team.

The results are as follows;

High Gun Nick Harris 100/300
Ladies High Gun Andrea Swatts 100/296
Junior High Gun Curtis Woolley 99/296
Veteran High Gun David Lewzey 99/295
Colt High Gun Freddy Brown 92/269
Winning Senior Team Yorkshire 1486 ex 1500
Runner-Up Senior Team Lancashire 1464
Winning Ladies Team Warwickshire 545 ex 600
Runner-Up Ladies Team Derbyshire 525
Winning Junior Team Nottinghamshire 586 ex 600
Runner-Up Junior Team N/A
Winning Veteran Team Derbyshire 583 ex 600
Runner-Up Veteran Team

For more information please follow the link;

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