A Senior Team Win

There were 95 guns involved in this competition held on a bright day with some very difficult gusts of wind. This meant that nothing could be taken for granted. Clays on the DTL and ABT legs were bucking and dipping the further away they went not to mention flying askew. Skeet birds also dipped and soared from centre point onwards. Sporting targets, always a strength for Northants shooters, were made doubly hard by the wind. It all added up to a very interesting competition if not very highly scored. There were only two 25s put in all day.

For the first time in a couple of years teams came from Cornwall and Yorkshire to add to the regional teams we nomally encounter and so there was a good field of competition and some new shooters to test.

Northants fielded teams to three categories in this competition; Senior, Veteran and Lady. All three shot their hearts out. Ladies Kirstin, Ruth and Rose put in good scores and ended with a total of 146, just 5 clays away from the Lincolnshire ladies who took the trophy. The Veteran team were certainly boosted by Fred McVarish who put in a personal best score of 73. The Seniors’ fielded two teams. They were defending the title. The first team certainly did well with a total score of 437 eight clays clear of their nearest rivals, Yorkshire. They secured the trophy for the second year running. A wonderful day for everyone. Thank you to all who shot for the county.

Fred shot a wonderful 73×100
Ruth Markham entered a score of 72 for the Ladies team