County DTL 2017

To see the full results please click here:county dtl

Seniors 2017

Jo Smith 99/290*


kirstin Vogel 93/269


Martin Ferris 96/284


kirstin Vogel 93/269


Tiernan Goodman 84/245


Sponsored by the Northants County Committee  

AA Class

Roy Tyler 98/287

A Class

Jo Smith 99/290*

B Class

Martin Ferris 96/284

C Class

Dave Morgan 95/280

To see the full results please click here:county dtl

2 Responses to County DTL 2017

  1. Julian Williams

    I think that as high gun, Jo Smith is not eligible for Class Prizes as per CPSA rules:-

    14.1 At these events badges and trophies are always provided for the High Gun, regardless of class
    or category and who will then not be eligible for the “lettered” class prizes.

    This relates to Minor Championships but is the same for major championships so I can’t see that regional and county would be different.

    • Pam CPSA

      Thanks for this observation. In county competitions there is no High Gun award either badge or trophy. The only badges and/or trophies are for Senior, Lady, Junior, Veteran and Colt shooter. Class prizes are awarded to the winners of each class. The website has been updated to better show this.

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